Albertus Pictor 1509-2009

In 2009, fivehundred years have elapsed since the decease of the most famous of all Late Medieval church painters in Sweden, Albertus Pictor. This jubilee will be celebrated above all in those provinces around Lake Mälaren where the master and his workshop filled the vaults and walls of over thirty churches with expressive representations of decisive moments in the Old and the New Testament, of prophets, and of saints. Already in the beginning of 2007, a seminar was arranged at Stockholm University with the purpose of collecting ideas of how the versatile Albertus Pictor, church painter, embroiderer, and even organ player, could be adequately honoured. The proposed contributions include public lectures by specialists, church tours, museum exhibitions e.g. in Uppsala (Upplandsmuseet) and Stockholm (Statens Historiska Museum), publishing of books devoted to the master and his paintings, and of stamps with motifs from his oeuvre, manifestations of Late Medieval Music in concerts and on CD, and markets in a Medieval vein.